Sunday, January 9, 2011

6 Traits of an Impoverished Leader

Impoverished Leadership Style
  1. Uninvolved: Is not involved with the effort at hand
  2. Unmotivated: Does not motivate and is not moved by the effort
  3. Indifferent: Does not care about the outcomes or your efforts
  4. Noncommittal: Does not provide straight answers and is not ready to support the effort.
  5. Resigned: Is not positive about the effort and is basically non caring.
  6. Apathetic: No emotion, no enthusiasm.
Have you worked for a manager in your career that you thought was disconnected and unmotivated? The LeaderShip Grid (developed by Ohio State University) defines what they call the "Impoverished Leadership Style". Rest assured - this is a common leadership patter in dysfunctional organizations.