Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to remove Linux partition from a dual-boot PC? lilo & gparted

Now that Windows 7 and Macs have improved their security architectures, it is possible to take tentative steps away from linux for desktop computing, if cost is not a factor.

Every GB counts, so machines that have dual partitions, freeing up the swap, home and primary partition is the only reasonable option.

Remove grub, linux distro and reallocate space.

If you have a dual-boot PC with a Windows XP partition and an Ubuntu 11.04 (or other) partition – and want to simply have the windows partition only then read on.

One 4-letter word: lilo

It can create an MBR on your Windows partition.

Before you do that, make sure you run check disk on all drives from your windows partition. Then boot up with a live Ubuntu CD and run GParted. Delete the partitions, and resize them as needed.

Run lilo to recreate your MBR on the windows main partition, and you are all set.