Sunday, December 23, 2012

DSV and Custody Chaining

Dynamic signature verification (DSV) is the process by which an individual’s signature is authenticated against a known signature pattern. Dynamics of the process of creating a signature is initially enrolled into the authenticating system, which is then used to compare the future signature patterns. Several factors including speed, pressure, acceleration, velocity and size ratios are taken into account. These measurements are then digitized and stored for comparison later.
Signatures have long been used to authenticate documents in the real world, before the technology wave, signatures, seals and tamper-proof envelopes were used for secure and valid message exchange. With the onset of technology and digital document interchange, a growing need for authenticating digital documents has emerged.
Digital signatures had emerged in the 1970s as a means of developing a cipher of fixed length from an input of theoretically unlimited length. The signature is expected to be collision free and computationally infeasible to reverse into the original document. Both handwritten signatures and digital signatures have to comply with the basic requirements of authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation (Elliott, Sickler, Kukula & Modi, n.d.).
In the information technology departments of corporations, documents are regularly exchanged between teams, companies, out sourced contract workers, internal consultants and executive management. These documents are often confidential and contain company secrets. However, due to resource constraints such documents are often shared with consultants and contract workers.

It is therefore a viable solution to provide digital signatures on those documents using proper authentication protocols. One way this could be achieved would be through dynamic signature verification. An interface that can create unique digital signatures from the physical dynamic signature and apply it to the electronic document would be ideal.
The requirement of a verifiable trusted signature creation technique for enterprise-wide document collaboration is required. DSV is an ideal technology suited for this purpose. Sensitive documents can be signed using a DSV module which can electronically sign the e-document. The document can be then shared with confidence that it has not been altered in transit and the recipient will be able to trust it.