Sunday, May 5, 2013

Evaluation of Software Architecture is essential to determine Risks

I love change for positive growth and innovation because it makes me excited and feel like I am making a difference to the people using the product that was once in my head and now in their hands.

Sometimes I encounter software architectures just “evolved” out of need. At times teams “end up” with architectures that just happened to them, other times projects are proposed and designs sketched up to deliver the software. Evaluation of software is essential in all cases.

Look at this structure, to me this looks really ugly, however to the contractor it may be the most lucrative structure to the people living inside it doesn’t matter. Risks, Non-Risks, Tradeoffs and Sensitivity points are great ways to highlight risk themes so that a design decision can be made once they are understood.

The point is : no architecture is good or bad, there are simply risk themes which when elaborated gives the person information to personally judge it based on their needs.