Sunday, July 7, 2013

10. ATAM Phase 3 and Conclusion


Purpose: Follow up. This phase is conducted after the conclusion of the ATAM evaluation.

Phase 3 Step 1: Produce the Final Report

Purpose: To write the final report.

Evaluators will write the final report that summarizes the entire ATAM evaluation.

Phase 3 Step 2: Hold the Post Mortem Meeting

Team members fill out

  • Evaluation team post-exercise survey
  • Method improvement survey
  • Evaluation team post-exercise effort survey

Team leader arranges and facilitates meeting and

  • Collects process observer’s report
  • Collects effort data


Phase 3 Step 3: Build Portfolio and Update Artifact Repository

Six months after the evaluation the team leader arranges for the customer to complete the long-term benefit survey.


ATAM is a stakeholder-oriented cross-functional team facilitated architectural review process that results in Risk Themes. Founded on Quality Attributes, Tradeoffs, Sensitivity Points and Risks this process is a proven repeatable method of evaluating software architectures. This process and it’s templates should be customized.