Monday, December 6, 2010

Dream Act will Support Small Business and Entitlements

In the next two decades America will see a structural shift and displacement of its demographics that it hasn't experienced in the past 50 years. Baby Boomers will retire and depend heavily on entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. A significantly contracted workforce will threaten the stability of the United States government and it's global economic power.
Fast Forward 2010: Immigrants Have a Dream

Structural adaptation, and realignment is going to be desperately needed starting 2011.

The Dream Act, that is currently stalled in Congress, will boost small businesses and the American economy over the next decade. The bill indirectly provides necessary relief to citizens and retirees. Here's why: as children of immigrants in schools and colleges across America graduate - a permanent residence status ("Green Card") will legally permitted them to start small businesses all over. This educated and skilled workforce will provide, fill and generate jobs at all scales of businesses and support entitlements via taxation. However, a vast majority of the American population feels threatened by a misguided notion that illegal immigrants hurt the economy and legal immigrats "take our jobs". The immigration grid lock over the past 10 years has led to a brain drain via "outsourcing" of services and manufacturing. This is not sustainable. Continuing to penalize children of immigrants is not a good way to move forward.
The Dream Act supports children of illegal immigrants to gain a status that allows them to work, open a business and go to college in the United States.

We need to legalize the next generation so they can support small businesses.

Our greatest danger is to brand children of immigrants and college graduates from other countries as "aliens" who need to "go back". A regression in a skilled workforce will cause a stagnation in the U.S economy. If the policy of the new congress is to promote a reverse brain drain via a strategic policy of inaction, future congresses will face an imminent threat of economic depression. It is in our best strategic interest to allow future hardworking children of immigrants in America to realize the American Dream.